Scientific articles submitted to the electronic journal "Medical science of Uzbekistan" must be written at the request of IMRAD.

  1. the topic of the scientific article submitted by the authors must correspond to the section of the electronic journal "Medical science of Uzbekistan".
  2. Since the articles are mainly on IMRAD request include the following sections: Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion, each section is the basis for the scientific article.
  3. Authors' submitted articles are checked by anti-plagiarism platforms. (,, etc.).

4 The text of the article should be typed in Times New Roman font, kegel 14, 1.5 line spacing. On all (right, left, top and bottom) pages of the text of the article a distance of 2 cm (margins) should be left. The total length of the article should not exceed 10-15 pages, and the minimum size should not be less than 6-8 pages (except for the title of the article, information about the author, abstract, and keywords) and the number of used references should not be less than 10-15 sources.

  1. The titles of the table, figure or figure should be written at the bottom and the source should be clearly indicated. The provision of tables, charts and figures in the article serves as a source that enhances the quality of the article.
  2. Articles can be submitted in Uzbek, Russian or English.
  3. Authors submit their scientific articles electronically after registration in the submit material section.

  Each scientific article is accepted for publication after internal and external reviewing by experienced specialists and members of the editorial board. The authors are given 2 weeks to correct the identified errors and shortcomings. After the lapse of the provided 2 weeks in case of absence of the repeated submission of the corrected article to the editorial board the article consideration process is stopped. The publication of scientific articles is free of charge.

  Each author can be provided with a DOI number (on a paid basis).


  1. Title of the article, information about the author of the article (city, place of work, position, number on the ORCID platform) in Uzbek, Russian and English.
  2. Abstract (100-250 words) in Uzbek, Russian and English.
  3. Key words (5-7 words) in Uzbek, Russian and English.
  4. Introduction
  5. Materials and methods (Methods)
  6. Results
  7. Discussion
  8. Conclusions/Recommendations
  9. The list of the used literature (References), where it is recommended to use scientific sources published for the last 5 years.

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