Chief editors: Arzikulov Abdurayim Shamshievich, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor.

Brief name of the journal: "Medical science of Uzbekistan" the electronic journal was registered with the Agency for Information and Mass Communications under the Administration of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. №1501. 13.01.2022 г.

International indices: ISSN 2181-3612 (Online).

The founders of the journal: Andijan State Medical Institute and “I-EDU GROUP” LLC (Limited Liability Company).

The purpose of the journal is to familiarize employees of all levels of health care with innovative approaches to improving the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various diseases in illnesses, advanced training and improvement of medical and scientific medical personnel.

Publisher: “I-EDU GROUP” LLC, Andijan.

Registration of scientific articles is carried out on the site: in the section Registration. The journal is published monthly. Payment is made to the address of the publisher, there is a possibility of online payment in different ways.

The online version of the journal is available at

Editorial phone: +998 (94) 018-02-55

Postal address for correspondence: 170100, Andijan, Yu. Otabekov 1.